Karate for Everyone

If you are 5 or 65 years of age you are welcome to challenge yourself by learning this strong but most beautiful art of Empty hand.

Karate can be practiced by anyone of any age. This beautiful art can be adapted easily to anyone wishing to learn its skills. The attraction of Karate for many people is not only an effective form of self defence, but it is practiced because of mental and physical development, otherwise practiced only as a sports Karate for competition.

Traditional Karate

Traditional Karate training means that the practitioner is not taking part in any sports competition. The training consists of basic techniques, sparring and self defence. This involves throwing, take downs and reaping techniques as well as Kata (patterns).

All basic training is conducted and practiced in groups in different grade levels, also self defence is practiced with a partner.

Sports Karate and Competition

Parents naturally want their children to develop self confidence, grow fit and healthy and at the same time be able to defend themselves in this age of increasing violence.

By taking part in a proper systematic training program, automatically children will learn about the competitions sanctioned and recognized by WSKA, The Australia Karate Federation (AKF) and World Karate Federation (WKF). These competitions can be at a State, National or International level.